In 2005 all three owners of I.T. Equipment sold the company to long time employee, who at that time was the Vice President, Dale Poisel.  Dale started with the company October 2nd, 1989 in the conveyor assembly division.  After just 2 years Dale became the Road Service Foreman; after just 5 years he became the Plant Manager overseeing I.T. Equipment's production and service.  In 1999 Dale became Vice President of I.T. Equipment.  Only 6 years later Dale and his wife Paula purchased the company from Dee DeGroff in 2005, with this new ownership I.T. Equipment is expanding into new areas and developing new technology to take I.T. Equipment to new heights.Family History:
      Shane Poisel, Dale's son, started working for I.T. Equipment in 2000 on the Road Service Crew, he later became the Road Service Foreman and he is now today the Road Service Manager.
      Alicia Blackford, Dale's daughter, started working for I.T. Equipment in 2005 in Accounts Recievable.  She is now the Purchasing Agent and is involved in advertising/marketing for I.T. Equipment.
      Paula Poisel, Dale's wife, bought the company with Dale in 2005.  She started working at I.T. Equipment in 2007, she is now the Vice President as well as I.T. Equipment's Accounts Payable.

2006 - Present

I.T. Equipment is now a family run business and continues to run the company on Christian morals and values.  I.T. Equipment prides itself on having outstanding customer service.   We value each and every customer we have, and strive to have outstanding customer service.  I.T. Equipment is developing new conveyors with new technology to keep us ahead of the competition.

I.T. Equipment's Vision and Mission Statement

To be recognized by our customers as #1 in our industry in the highest quality, service, delivery and profitability.  Known for doing it right the first time, and listening and responding to "the voice of the customer."  A climate and culture that encourages continuous improvement, recognizes and rewards performance and encourages everyone to contribute and work together to achieve positive results.  Management providing proactive leadership by force of example, stature, experience, mentoring, coaching, discipline, training, planning, executing, listening and communicating to develop this company and its people into THE recognized superior transporter builder in the industry.

We’re committed to building a product you can be proud of. 


Our staff members are highly skilled and have years of experience and certifications. But, their dedication to making sure your needs are met doesn't come from that, it comes from within. And it's embraced and appreciated by all of our staff. 



Our history

I.T. Equipment, Inc was established in 1961 in South Bend, Indiana beginning as a power transmission supplier.  I.T. Equipment was founded by two business men, Bob Bock and William Fornier from Schrade Batterson Company out of Chicago, Illinois.  The company was ran out of South Bend by Bob Bock while William Fornier remained in Chicago.   The company had three sales people and four office employees. 

1963 - 1970

In 1963 they hired Dee DeGroff as a salesman for the company.  Six months later I.T. Equipment began selling conveyors for Matthews Company, they were the first stocking distributor for the Matthews conveyor lines.  As a distributor for the Matthews conveyor line they were also the installer for the conveyors.  In 1963 I.T. Equipment had one shop employee, in order for I.T. Equipment to be an installer for many of their customers they needed to unionized.  In 1963 I.T. Equipment started the union, Teamsters Local Union No. 364. 

In 1969 I.T. Equipment bought Vendola Welding Company out of Bremen, Indiana.  In 1970 I.T. Equipment bought Commerical Welding Company and its buildings, which is where I.T. Equipment's current location is at 2033 Western Avenue, Plymouth, Indiana.  During this time, I.T. Equipment had 2 locations, corporate headquarters in South Bend, Indiana and production plant in Plymouth, Indiana.  At this time I.T. Equipment began hiring production employees.  During 1970 Dee DeGroff became the thrid owner of I.T. Equipment.  I.T. Equipment at this time had Bob Bock, William Fornier and Dee DeGroff.  The company was growing at a tremendous rate.

1985 - 2004

In 1985 I.T. Equipment's engineering department and all inventory moved from the South Bend corporate headquarters to the Plymouth location.  In 1988 I.T. Equipment consilidated the company, selling the South Bend facility and moving corporate to the Plymouth, Indiana location.  During these years the power transmission sales were slowly phasing out due to the increased growing conveyor and material handling production.  In 1984 I.T. Equipment came out with their own Transporter Line.  The company's transporter line took off and grew rapidly from then on out.  Between 1990 and 2004 I.T. Equipment went under four massive expansions.  The first expansion added 10,000 square feet, the second expansion added 3,000 square feet, the third added 3,000 square feet and the fourth added the assembly bay covering 6,050 square feet.

I. T. Equipment industrial Conveyors

We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service. Whether it is Custom Conveyor Systems, Custom Fabrication or Custom Machinery, we want you to always be happy that you chose us. 


Welcome to the I.T. Equipment Conveyor Web Site.

We've been in business since 1961, specializing in conveying equipment with both individual conveyors and assembly conveyor systems in widespread service in North America, Europe and Asia. 
Whether you are a systems integrator seeking to satisfy a production line application with modular transporter, a distributor wanting to carry a quality line of compact, low profile conveyors, or an end user with an application, we are sure you will find this Web site useful and informative.

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