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I.T. Equipment's pneumatically operated, reciprocating lift is a free standing, transfer device designed to provide shorter cycle times to move pallets from one elevation to another.  Its reversible live bed is electrically driven.  This lift receives pallets from one conveyor level and moves them to another.  You may program it to provide C-flow, 2-flow, or for pass through travel at the same level.  While most units are provided for two level operation, operation at more levels is possible.  Unit loads of 100 pounds or less are commonly associated with this pneumatic unit, although we have standard models for heavier loads.  These units are configured in a variety of ways.  Stops and sensing devices are normally an integral part of the pneumatic, reciprocating lift. 


Our electrically-driven, reciprocating lift is a free standing transfer device.  Its reversible live bed is designed to interface with any series I.T. Equipment conveyor lines.  It accepts full or empty conveyor pallets for pass through to another elevation, either above or below its in-feed level.  While most units are provided for two-level operation, devices for additional levels may be provided.  Pallet size, weight, cycle times, mode of operational sequence, and other requirements should be specified.  C-flow, 2-flow, pass through, multi-level, or a combination of these operational modes may be achieved.  Pneumatically operated cushioned stops control the pallet on the lift platform.  Proximity switches sense the location of the pallet and platform.  Some features are optional.  Several designs are available.


This pneumatic/mechanical lift features a live bed having a surface which is at its highest point when in a fully elevated position.  It is a two position unit which may be used in a combination with over/under transporter lines.  The bed high lift is a good selection for lifts which are to be loaded or unloaded by robot or lift assist devices.

I.T. Equipment has three standard lifts available.