This is the orginal Mini-Beltveyor offered from I.T. Equipment.  This model is frequently used to carry stamped steel parts or press scrap from the die area in OBI or straight-sided presses.


Mini-Beltveyor SMED  (side mount end drive

Mini-Beltveyor - Model SMED (Side Mounted End Drive) & SMCD (Side Mounted Center Drive)

Mini-Beltveyor - Model TMED (Top Mounted End Drive)

Mini-Beltveyor SMED  (side mount end drive)

This model is available less trough for a 1-1/4" (32) bed depth.  Bottom-mounted drive is out of the way, presenting the conveying surface to full view and making this unit ideal as an inspection conveyor or for use with centerless grinder, presses, etc...

This model has the same features as our SMCD, but occupies less overall width and is a little better balanced when used on narrow units.

Mini-Beltveyor - Model BMCD (Bottom Mounted Center Drive)

 Mini-Beltveyor - Model BMED (Bottom Mounted  End Drive)

The SMED model features a side-mounted drive unit for a full view of the belt's top surface, maximum underclearance, and minimum overhead space requirements.  Ideal for moving electronic components, plastic parts, stamped steel producte, scrap, medical supplies and food items.

The SMCD model features take-up provision at the drive location, permitting fixed positioning of end pulleys.  We can also provide optional automatic take-up in the drive.