A.S.A. steel sprockets with hardened teeth are provided as drivers and idlers.  We equip counter-bored idler sprockets with sealed ball bearings.  These sprockets have been selected for use in continuous industrial service.

Wheel Flight Non-Synchronous

HI-LOAD Steel Track supports heavy line loading.  Conveyor pallets and chain are side guided by durable, ultra high molecular weight plastic.  Return chain is enclosed in a steel tube and rolls quietly on a UHMW surface.  Track clean-out chutes are available as an option as a means of collecting fasteners that might fall into the track.

AW82 Steel Roller Conveyor





Width Options                             12'' - no maximum
Weight Options                           4,000 lbs per linear foot
Line Speed                                   Custom
Steel Construction                      YES
Aluminum Construction            NO
UHMW Construction                  NO



 A 2'' pitch, power and free steel carrier roller chain with 1.575" diameter steel or plastic side rollers located every pitch on alternating sides.

Drive Package

BMCD (bottom mounted center drive) is standard; SMED (side mounted end drive) is optional.  BMCD drives are our heaviest duty drive arrangement.  They may be used in reversing service.