Width Options                             12'' - no maximum
Weight Options                           4,000 lbs per linear foot
Line Speed                                   Custom
Steel Construction                      YES
Aluminum Construction            NO
UHMW Construction                  NO


Drive Package

BMCD (bottom mounted center drive) is standard; SMED (side mounted end drive) is optional.  BMCD drives are our heaviest duty drive arrangement.  They may be used in reversing service.


A.S.A. steel sprockets with hardened teeth are provided as drivers and idlers.  We equip counter-bored idler sprockets with sealed ball bearings.  These sprockets have been selected for use in continuous industrial service.


 A 2'' pitch, power and free steel carrier roller chain with 1.575" diameter steel or plastic side rollers located every pitch on alternating sides.

Wheel Flight Non-Synchronous

HI-LOAD Steel Track supports heavy line loading.  Conveyor pallets and chain are side guided by durable, ultra high molecular weight plastic.  Return chain is enclosed in a steel tube and rolls quietly on a UHMW surface.  Track clean-out chutes are available as an option as a means of collecting fasteners that might fall into the track.

AW82 Steel Roller Conveyor

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