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 I.T. Equipment's conveyor systems are designed for continuous industrial service, user friendly operation and good appearance.  They function safely, quietly and reliably.  All pallet motions are smooth and all in-line stops are cushioned.

I.T. Equipment has designed its line of open centered accumulating conveyor to   allow phased investment in the modular automation of your plant.  These transporter systems address the materials handling part of the formula which includes attention to process flow, product design, and information flow.  We offer the tools to set up the best modular system for today, tomorrow and beyond.



All IT Equipment Conveyor Systems come complete with a



 Automation must keep pace with the evolving needs of an ever changing market if industry is to remain competitive.  Planners must consider both their present and future needs.  This places a premium on designing products to simplify their manufacture.  Manufacturing systems must be flexible, reconfigurable, and expandable.  An ideal system permits blending manual and automatic stations.  Performance is optimized, and changes are easily made.

                                      What are the Benefits of I.T. Equipment's Conveyor Systems?

  • INCREASED PRODUCTION: Productivity is enhanced by a non-synchronous line's ability to allow work to remain stationary in some stations, while     allowing other product to move simultaneously.  Assemblers do not have to walk the line, and their supplies may be close at hand in fixed locations.
  • ​​IMPROVED PRODUCT QUALITY:  Allowing product to remain stationary in the work station tends to reduce defects and permits minor repairs to be       made as they are discovered either in the station or by diverting it off line.

  • REDUCED DOWN TIME:  Free turning chain rollers make it possible to move product manually along the line even if a drive has failed.

  • PACED RELEASE CAPABILITY:  It is possible to operate our non-synchronous lines as paced lines as well by monitoring releases as a function of the    control system.

  • SYNCHRONOUS LINES:  Our twin belt and twin chain lines may be used as paced lines to assure a fixed production rate.  Product may be transported   directly on the conveying surface if the use of trays or dedicated work piece pallets is out of question.

  • FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING:  Both our synchronous and non-synchronous transporter lines are modular in design.  Devices may be easily added to    selected points in the system.  A minimum amount of modification is required to reconfigure.