Width Options                                                        12'' - no maximum
                                                                                  Maximum 242 lbs at 55 feet per minute

Weight Options                                                      Load limit per foot is 204 lbs at 60 fee per minute

Line Speed                                                              Custom

Aluminum Construction                                       Yes

Chain Track                                                            UHMW chain tracks guide the chain and pallet edges.

UHMW Construction                                             Yes

Drive Packages:

                                                                                 BMCD (Bottom Mounted Center Drive) - Standard Drive - These are reversible and are associated                                                                                        with longer conveyor runs.

                                                                                 SMED (Side Mounte End Drive) - single direction lines and are used when low elevations or                                                                                                    over/under configurations are required.

Support Legs                                                          Both the conveyor support legs and the cross braces are heavy, anodized, extruded aluminum. 

                                                                                  Legs feature leveling pads with a +1-2'' adjustment.

End Shoes                                                               Center driven conveyors are equipped with plastic end shoes instead of sprockets.  These shoes                                                                                           have the same profile as the chain track.  They eliminate the need for idler sprockets in these areas.                                                                                   Operation is SAFE and QUIET.

Sprockets                                                                Steel drive and idler sprockets meet A.S.A. standards.  All sprockets have hardened teeth for longer                                                                                     life.  Counterbored idler sprockets are equipped with sealed ball bearings selected for continuous                                                                                       industrial service.

Conveyor Frame Rails                                           Conveyor frame rails are heavy, anodized, extruded aluminum.  These rails feature ''T'' slots for                                                                                           installation of strut nuts to facilitate the installation of a variety of transporter modules and other                                                                                       accessories.

Wheel Flight Non-Synchronous

A steel, carrier roller chain, 1-1/4'' pitch, features side rollers made of steel and plastic.  They are located every pitch on alternating sides of chain.  Every third plastic roller is a brake roller, which provides quicker pallet start up.  This brake roller chain is pre-lubricated for cleaner operation and less maintenance.  The chain is hardened steel and has a black oxide finish.  The version with plastic outboard rollers is lube free and comes with interspersed brake rollers which provide a quicker pallet startup froma  queue or station position.

aw 52 aluminum

AW 52 Aluminum Transport Conveyor





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