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Drive Package

SMED (Side Mounted End Drives) are standard.  Screw type chain tensioners are not required


Only two sprockets are used in constructing a Mini - Module X line.  These engage the plastic side rollers of the transporter chain and are located in the drive module.  A.S.A. steel sprockets serve this purpose.  These sprockets provide a long service life.


A quiet running 1-1/2" pitch chain for Mini - Module X features rollers constructed of a special grade of engineered plastic.  The chain is driven at a low rate of speed due to the ability of the Mini - Module X chain to move pallets at 2-1/2 times the

Mini module x


Chain track is an anodized, extruded, aluminum material.  The plastic outboard chain rollers ride quietly on steel inserts which are firmly secured in the aluminum extrusion.

Width Options                                                            Minimum 6" - Maximum 24"
Weight Options                                                          75 lbs per linear foot
Line Speed                                                                  Custom

Free Flow Transporter Line

Mini - Modul X is a free flow transporter system featuring double plus or carrier chain.  The larger center chain rollers or X2.5 (double plus) chain support work piece pallets and are friction driven by smaller side rollers.  Pallets resting on the center rollers of x2.5 lines are moved at 2-1/2 times chain speed.

Safe Operation

Chain side rollers are covered by the extrusion.  Only the friction-driven, large rollers are exposed, thus supporting the work piece pallets.

Mini Module X Transport Conveyor