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                        AW 52 STEEL                                                                         AW 52 UHMW                                                            AW 52 ALUMINUM            

Width Options                     12'' - no maximum

Weight Options                   up to 1,500 lbs per pallet

Line Speed                           custom

Steel Construction              YES

Aluminum Construction    YES

UHMW Construction          YES

Wheel Flight Non-Synchronous

 A steel, carrier roller chain, 1-1/4'' pitch, features side rollers made of steel and plastic.  They are located every pitch on alternating sides of chain.  Every third plastic roller is a brake roller, which provides quicker pallet start up.  This brake roller chain is pre-lubricated for cleaner operation and less maintenance.

The AW52 allows for easy removal and adding of station stops and devices.



The center drive is free standing and may be moved from one location to another for splicing to other track sections.

AW52 Transport Conveyor


Steel drive and idler sprockets have hardened teeth.  Idlers have sealed bearing.