10 F.P.M.                                                       28#                                                                                  661#
20 F.P.M.                                                       28#                                                                                  661#
30 F.P.M.                                                       28#                                                                                  661#
40 F.P.M.                                                       22#                                                                                  573#
50 F.P.M.                                                       16#                                                                                  507#
60 F.P.M.                                                       15#                                                                                  491#

Hard End Stop: Hard end stops are used to align pallets entering a transporter via lift/cross transfer device.  Unlike rocker stops these devices function neither as cushions or as switches.  They do assure the proper placement of the entering pallet on the conveyor segment containing the cross transfer device.

Blade Stop: Descending blade stops act alternately as a side entry stop or as bridge rollers.  When the stop is lowered, the bridge rollers are exposed.

CN 6045B-32X205D-LK                              SN-6045B-50X30H-LK

The flow and positioning of work piece pallets on I.T. Equipment's non-synchronous conveyor lines are controlled by means of in line, cushioned stop devices.  Non-synchronous conveyors run continuously while cycle independent operations take place.  Pallets held in queue, work, or transfer positions are brought to a gentle stop by these channel-mounted, modular devices.  The sequence shown above is typical of the operation of the M.D. or H.D. series cushioned stops.  Rollers trace the bottoms of pallets passing over them, and the stop head raises automatically into pallet cutouts.  If your pallet is not equipped with cutouts, consider the use of skat pack devices in your line.  M.D. series stops may be deactivated by applying the cancel cap.  H.D. series stops are pinned down for deactivation.

End Of Line Stops: These stops do not descend pneumatically since pallets never bypass them.

> M.D. Series stops have a cushioning feature built into their cylinder shaft.

> Combined weight of pallets moving in unison or held in queue.

> These stops are available with hall effect switches.

> M.D. stop heads include a level lock which engages when the pallet impacts the stop head.  This action prevents light pallet    repulsion (bounce).

> Ratings of M.D. series stops are shown at maximum.  These units are available with lighter springs for lighter pallets or shorter  pallet queues.

> Each M.D. stop includes a cancel cap which may be positioned to mechanically deactivate the stop.

> Air regulators may be required.

conveyor Stops

Rebound Stop: This device is designed to prevent the reverse movement of a pallet which has passed over it.  Rebound stops prevent pallet bounce in systems involving the use of hard stops, or those in which external force is imposed by operator or station devices.  Rebound stops will hold pallets in position even if the conveyor is run in reverse.

M.D. Series Stop Modules

H.D. Series Stop Models

 C/S 70 C                     C/S 250 C                         C/S 600 C                         C/S 1400

Cushioned Stop, Inline or End of line
Blade Stop
Hard Stop - Side Entry
Hard End Stop
Rebound Stop


H.D. Model 70 Cushion Stop
H.D. Model 250 Cushion Stop
H.D. Model 600 Cushion Stop
H.D. Model 1400 Cushion Stop
M.D. Series Stop

>H.D. Series stops having an "A" suffix employ an adjustable cushion with set screw locking.  Model "C" stops have self-    compensating cushions, and are available as an option.

>Combined weight of pallets moving in unison or held in queue.

>The use of flow controls is recommended to regulate stop operation.

>Pallet latches are available for lift/locate applications, so that pallets will not be lowered onto the sop head when they are      returned to the conveying surface.

>I.T. Equipment's currently available stop models are truly modular, and their component parts are interchangeable.

Cushioned Stop : Cushioned stops dissipate the energy of pallet impact.  In-line units are lowered pneumatically.  A roller contacts the face of the pallet.  Air pressure in the cylinder causes the lowered stop to seek the raised or "ready" position to absorb impact or line pressure forces.  Actuation is by solenoid valve (automatic station) or foot valve (manual station).  Stops may be mechanically pinned down in inactive stations.

10 F.P.M.                                              232#                                   1768#                                         6191#                                        6700#
20 F.P.M.                                              224#                                   1367#                                         4787#                                        5750#
30 F.P.M.                                              211#                                    992#                                          3474#                                        4600#
40 F.P.M.                                              192#                                    717#                                          2510#                                        3600#
50 F.P.M.                                              168#                                    528#                                          1850#                                        2800#
60 F.P.M.                                              138#                                    400#                                          1400#                                        2200#





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